You can only take others as deep as you are willing to go yourself.


Even the most amazing leaders can struggle to:

• Quiet the inner critics that ask “who are you to do this work?”
• Find time to do deep, personal reflection about their leadership, work, and direction
• Find balance, joy, and sustainability between work and home life
• Steer the ship while also determining the course, which can lead to self-doubt and exhaustion
• Navigate additional demands, burdens, and archetypes placed on them at work – especially for leaders of color
• Recognize and unpack lenses of privilege, power, and identity development in their work – especially for white leaders
• Find balance between transformative leadership skills and concrete management skills
• Play the biggest game they’re truly capable of because of: inner doubts, a lack of deeply rigorous professional development available, or a lack of access to a coach who can hold you to the highest possible bar and demand that you go beyond it.





Working with Mean Well. Speak Well. Do Well., Inc.:

• We’ll do deep, courageous inner leadership work to enable you to create outer transformation through profound inner transformation
• We’ll discover and push through new edges in your leadership that will allow you to play a bigger game and become more comfortable with risk and failure
• We’ll identify the stories you tell yourself that keep you, those around you, or your impact smaller than what you’re really capable of
• We’ll identify, hone, and master strengths so that what you do looks like magic
• We’ll confront and dissolve fears, barriers, and doubts that hold you back
• We’ll identify the qualities that have made you successful and examine the ways those habits and skills currently hold you back from your next level of greatness and impact
• We’ll develop your vision for an ideal lifestyle and make it a reality.

The leadership development here is not for everyone. It is high-octane development for people with bold visions, who want lasting results, and who are willing to do the intense and vulnerable work required to create profound and socially conscious impact.


You’re closer than you know.

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