"laura is an inspiring revolutionary of these times, a brave social changer, a heart opener who talks about one of the most confronting issues"

-Cristina Palma, International Leader, Minerva Schools

Keynotes & Inspiration

Our CEO, laura, has over 10 years of public speaking experience. She’s spoken about topics like justice, leadership, courage, and love at places like Harvard University.


Group Coaching & Facilitation

While most of our work is with 1×1 clients and large audiences, we have a track record of creating intimate, rigorous, and inspiring workshops that use group coaching and place the heavy-lifting on participants. Check out some of the praise we’ve gotten below.

If you are doing justice work, or want to be, or just want to be more whole, you have to learn and grow alongside Laura.


April 2018

The program it encouraged me to think about the issues in a new perspective and…gave me a greater sense of ownership of the issues.


March 2018

laura kicked my ass…Correction…loved my ass…Correction…held up a mirror and asked me to love my own ass.


April 2018

This was truly lovely, challenging, inspiring, and the best kind of uncomfortable. I will be reflecting, building, and growing from this for a long time.


March 2018

“Laura is inspirational and motivational!”

– Amanda

“Doing introspective work is really rare, particularly in a social justice context. Make the time for yourself to do this.”

– Ellie

“I found [the workshop] very helpful in self-reflection and discovering new things about myself that I didn’t know before.”

– Antonia

“I have found the ‘why’ to my non-loving, non-healing, non-liberating behavior and the solution all in one session with laura brewer. Thank you.”

– Pat

“Well worth it!”

– Anne

Our Keynote & Group Facilitation Topics:


  • “Hiding in Plain Sight: the art of being seen” (about courage & authenticity in leadership)
  • “The Heart Work of Leadership: how to lead with head & heart”
  • “Operating Under the Influence of Urgency” (about bringing mindfulness into leadership)
  • “The Toxicity of Perfectionism”


  • “BEing White: the everydayness of white supremacy” (about the seemingly benign ways racism creeps into our ways of being and how to challenge those behaviors)
  • “What Got Us Here Won’t Get Us There: new ways of BEing in social justice”
  • “The Inner Work for White Folks Who Want to Show Up For Justice”
  • “Powerful Distinctions For Self-Healing & Liberation”
  • “The Inside-Out Work of Justice: avoiding ‘ally’ theater”


  • “Everything You Want Lives on The Other Side of Fear”
  • “Humans Practicing BEing: the radical courage of connection”
  • “The Choice to Courage: radical bravery through radical vulnerability”

This event opened my eyes and heart.


March 2018

This was such a beautiful experience…Be brave! This isn’t a workshop that makes you have even more white guilt. It’s a place of hope and personal reflection.


April 2018

In a society and a world governed by the inheritors of massive wealth and power accumulation, we are in desperate need of more opportunities to recognize and reflect on how to tend to those gaping wounds.


March 2018

Today’s workshop was meaningful, thought provoking, and emotionally and intellectually stimulating…I am moved to go home, feel some more, and identify actions.


March 2018

How to Move Forward

We would love to speak with you about your group needs or speaking requests. When you request a conversation, we’ll dedicate all the time you need to understand the group experience, culture, and impact you hope to build, and we’ll discuss options and resources to help you meet those goals.