We help people courage: in their lives, and in the world.

We are a leadership development company that challenges leaders to face their fears.

Fears they can articulate, and fears they don’t yet realize they face. From feeling like an imposter, to building a more inclusive organization, to eradicating perfectionism, to launching a new career, to building a new identity, to refusing to shrink for others’ comfort  … we help leaders courage and build the tools and skills to lead their businesses, schools, communities, and lives.

We believe:


Fear is a compass for everything you want: in your life, and in our world.


Courage is a practice, not a pre-requisite.


Inner change creates outer change. We help people create impact: inside out.

laura brewer: CEO and lead coach

Our Founder

laura brewer is a speaker, coach, and expert in leadership development that creates radical authenticity, connection, and courage.

• Has coached thousands of individuals, including teachers, teams, and CEOs.
• Has directly managed and led teams of 125+ people.
• Has been invited to speak on topics like leadership, authenticity, and justice at places like Harvard University.
• Was an adjunct professor of Master’s Degree students at a prestigious university.
• Has elite coaching credentials and international certifications.
• And none of that really matters.

What matters is that laura is someone who’s been living leadership her whole life: both the cost of it, and the way through. laura grew up in the south and knew she was gay at a young age, which meant she learned to hide her identity and authenticity in order to be safe. As a speaker and coach, she now has a super power that came from her pain: the ability to help leaders and teams who are hiding parts of themselves — and paying the cost of that with imposter syndrome, poor communication, a struggle to innovate and take risks and with lack of diversity, trust, and inclusivity in their organizations — bring themselves fully out in order to transform results through authenticity, courage, and connection.

laura runs a community for some of the most socially impactful and courageous leaders in the country. She is also a fish out of water in Los Angeles, where she lives with her wife and some cats and chickens. She loves to surf and use profanity.

laura earned a B.A. with honors from the University of Virginia; her M.A. in Secondary Education from American University; and her Certified Professional Coaching credentials from Coaching For Transformation, an acclaimed coaching school through Leadership That Works which specializes in equality and global impact. She is also a member of and holds her Associate Certified Coach credentialing from the International Coach Federation, and she is additionally a member of the International Leadership Association, Coaches For Equality and Diversity, and Consultants for Social Justice communities. To learn more about working with laura directly, contact her here: laura@meanwellspeakwelldowell.com.

Associate Certified Coach