We offer a variety of group experiences and events:

from custom-built workshops, to speaking events, to classes, to selective small-group cohorts for extraordinary leaders having an impact in social justice.

The Cadre: a selective group coaching experience for leaders in social justice

The Cadre is a selective group learning experience for high performers with BIG missions: for their own lives, and for the world. This is a place where those people come to get the most impactful, high-flame, heart-based development they’ve ever gotten. The Cadre is for builders, for visionaries, for creatives, for leaders, for lovers, for revolutionaries. It’s development that will catapult your success in the most radical way possible. It’s development that will push you to interrupt injustice by challenging you to build and create in ways that disrupt the status quo, center radical love, and push you to do your work in more liberatory ways.

Cadre alumni have created extraordinary outcomes from their time in the group, from launching justice-based non-profits from scratch, to writing book manuscripts, to creating life-changing healing around internalized oppression, to directly changing the culture and inclusivity of their entire organization.

You bring your biggest dream, your most radical missions, your life’s calling — and we will help you build it. In an intimate community, that will push you (in, with, and through love) to stretch in ways you’ve never dared.

Learn more here. The application window is only open three times a year. Email us to be placed on a waiting list for an application if the window has closed.


Speaking Events

Our CEO, laura, has over 10 years of engaging public speaking experience and has given talks for groups as large as 1200 attendees. We are able to create custom-speaking engagements for TEDx , key note, or conference events.

Some of the clients, events, and organizations for which laura has spoken include:



We build and facilitate compelling, tailor-made workshops that feature: deep engagement suited to adult learners, active skill building, and practical application opportunities. We are available for both in-person and virtual workshops.


Common topics for our group and speaking events include:

  • Art of Coaching: transformational coaching and coaching skills; integrating coaching into management; coaching with an equity lens; fierce coaching; coaching teachers
  • Culture: debunking the myth of “doing” culture; creating, maintain, sustaining; challenging the status quo
  • Educational Equity: student voice and agency in K-12 classrooms; teacher/school leader development; vision-driven classrooms
  • Inclusivity and Equity: unconscious bias; micro-aggressions; applying an equity lens to your work
  • Failure: successful failure; risk-taking; vulnerable leadership; defining success; celebrating failure
  • Leadership: skills; ways of being; dismantling archetypes; creating impact through authenticity; how to lead with vulnerability
  • Mindfulness: in social justice; mindful leadership
  • Organizational legacy: leaving a wake of equity; celebrating failure; megaphoning strengths and assets
  • Racism: changing the culture of racism in/with white America; white ownership and accountability
  • Vision-driven leadership and impact
  • Whiteness: white privilege; white fragility; white dominant culture; white responsibility and skills in interrupting racism


How to Move Forward

We would love to speak with you about your group needs or speaking requests. When you request a conversation, we’ll dedicate all the time you need to understand the group experience, culture, and impact you hope to build, and we’ll discuss options and resources to help you meet those goals.