“According to Career Partners International, 40% of 400 US and Canadian business leaders interviewed chose coaching as their preferred method for leadership development. Research is accumulating that shows a return-on-investment (ROI) of five to eight times the cost of coaching, or 500%-800%.”

–David Rick and Linda J. Page, Coaching with the Brain in Mind


An in-the-field intensive.

At your workplace, we will carve out two to four days together to go all-in on your goals and performance so that you walk away with a robust action plan for individual or team success. We will demand that you show up ready to hold nothing back and put in some of the hardest work you’ve ever given in service to realizing even more of your own and your team’s greatness and impact.


A four-month coaching relationship.

Either in person in Los Angeles, over Skype, or via phone, we will come together three times a month and tackle your individual and/or team goals through deep coaching, rigorous but brief skill-based learning experiences, and a custom-made coaching strategy designed to meet your unique needs. A four-month relationship is ideal for high performers who want coaching to help them clarify and strengthen their goals, construct a plan of action, and dedicate time to honing key orientations and skillsets so they can independently and with new insight see their plan to fruition after our work together is complete. This package is also ideal for clients with precise and pre-defined development and/or team needs.

A year-long coaching relationship.

Either in person in Los Angeles, over Skype, or via phone, this six-month experience is a potent investment in one or a small group of organizational leaders (regardless of tenure or role). We will shape a custom development plan to include one-on-one deep coaching and skill-based learning experience, in addition to rigorous group learning experiences for those participating with peers in their company. This package is ideal for clients who want a broader development experience, who want coaching that continues well into the client’s execution of her goals/plan/insights, and/or for those looking for the most rigorous development they can find as a long-term investment in their growth.


Every coaching package includes:

-A tailor-made development plan built specifically for each client and their objectives;
-Virtually unlimited coaching (if at any point between sessions, you need more learning time – we’ll schedule it at no cost);
-MP3 recordings of phone sessions;
-Priority email and phone support for the duration of the relationship.


How to Move Forward

We only work with a small number of organizations and organizational clients every year, based on referral or invitation only. Because space is limited but even more because we believe both client and coach each deserve to be certain that we are inspired by one another before agreeing to work together, the first step to working with us is to request a powerful conversation. In this conversation, we’ll block out two hours totally dedicated to you and your individual, team, or company goals and at the end of that time, we’ll decide how or if to move forward. If we decide to partner together, prices for executive/organizational coaching start at $5,000. But we will demand that you give more than money – that you bring all you’ve got in your energy, time, and dedication to the transformation you want in your performance or team performance. Our coaching is not for everyone. If the attributes on the “you” page resonate, if you are ready for high-octane business coaching, and if you are ready to IGNITE your leadership and team, click here to request an initial powerful conversation.