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What is coaching?

For us, coaching is the gasoline to your flame. We don’t believe our clients need coaching. Coaching is something certain leaders want because it brings a fierce champion to your corner who is there to help push you to your personal edges in order to achieve your most ambitious goals and impact. Request a powerful conversation with us if you’d like to experience our bold approach to coaching firsthand.


If you’d like to learn more about the coaching industry, here’s a dynamic article from the Harvard Business Review.

What are some reasons people hire coaches?
  • To magnify your personal or professional impact
  • To plan or manage career moves
  • To make your present job or life situations more fulfilling
  • To align your life and actions based on what matters most to you
  • To create more balance in your life
  • To increase your effectiveness as an executive, manager, or leader
  • To work with your team to increase productivity and effectiveness
  • To start a business
  • To get “unstuck”
  • To develop or hone key skills to move your performance forward
  • To accelerate your results

If you’d like to learn more about the coaching industry, here’s a great article from the Harvard Business Review.

How is coaching done?

Coaching packages at MW.SW.DW. are custom-made for each individual client, so there’s no stock way to answer this question. Typically, coaching is usually done by telephone (or sometimes over Skype or in-person) for about an hour each session. We typically work with clients three times a month, depending on the coaching relationship and package. However, we only work with clients based on referral or invitation so the first step is to request a powerful conversation to explore your goals and whether MW.SW.DW. is the right coaching company for you.

What is a typical session like?

It depends on the package and client’s goals, however in nearly all sessions: the client is the star and leader and our coaching goes deep. Clients choose to work with us because we help them change their world and the world around them. If you and your MW.SW.DW. coach decide to move forward with a formal relationship, you’ll carve out a custom-made strategy for your time together.

What is a powerful conversation?

Our organization was created to contribute to socially conscious impact in our world by investing in remarkable individuals with bold aspirations for creating social change. As a result, we only work with clients based on referral or invitation. To initiate a referral or to determine if you are a candidate for an invitation to a formal coaching relationship with MW.SW.DW., start by requesting a powerful conversation. This is the first step whether you are interested in coaching or consulting work with us.

In that conversation, we will set aside two hours fully dedicated to you to explore your goals and aspirations (or your organization’s goals and aspirations) and the barriers in your way. Once you schedule a powerful conversation, we will send you more information on how to prepare and what to expect. Bottom line: expect a BOLD, deep, rigorous coaching conversation totally in service to you and your goals. At no cost.

Some people email us to ask: “what’s the catch? A two-hour conversation at no cost?” Our response is always the same. 1. Yes, that’s correct. 2. It’s in our best interest, as well as yours. We work with a small number of truly exceptional people and organizations each year. The powerful conversation helps you create some immediate impact in your life and gives us the opportunity to serve you, as well as to get time with you to determine whether we’re a strong fit for potential future work. When the answer to that question is YES! for everyone involved,  we will build a relationship that helps you create the biggest, boldest impact you want in your world or organization.

What’s the difference between personal coaching and organizational coaching?

Private/individual coaching (sometimes called Life Coaching) is a term for individuals hiring and paying for a coach independent of a company’s affiliation or interests. Sometimes the content covered in that space is about leadership or career work, but it’s called “personal” because it’s not requested or paid for by your organization.

Organizational coaching (sometimes called Executive or Leadership or Corporate Coaching) is requested, supported, or funded by your business or organization. Sometimes that coaching is a blend of consulting and coaching, but topics covered will almost always be about leadership/organizational performance, efficiency, skill development, and effectiveness rather than issues taking place outside of work. Business coaching, on average, costs more because it is can be more time intensive, include on-site offerings, and/or or customized assessments for the organization. Most of all, business coaching tends to be more expensive because it is a service meant to ultimately increase a business’ profitability (or reputation and results, for non-profit organizations), either through increased performance and skill or the accomplishment of key goals. This is a dynamic article from the Harvard Business Review about business coaching, in particular.

I see references to social justice and identity development throughout the site. What exactly does that mean?

Mean Well. Speak Well. Do Well., Inc. is not just a leadership development company, it’s also a company that aspires to make an imprint on social justice in the world through: a) partnering with clients who are working or aspire to work in the future in social justice / equality fields; b) bringing like-minded people together to tackle matters of justice and injustice; c) creating an online community for people dedicated to equality and change.

You do not have to fully resonate with the things above to work with our company. However, if the goals above do resonate, it’s a great sign that MW.SW.DW. is a strong fit for partnership – either through coaching, consulting, selective cohort communities, or simply through the free articles and resources we will be sharing.

What's the best way to get started?

It’s very easy. First, request a powerful conversation, which will help us determine if working with us is right for you and what type of partnership might be most helpful in serving you to create the impact you want. If the chemistry is right and we both decide we want to move forward, we’ll get to work in custom-creating a strategy and approach to our collaboration. After we receive your payment, you’ll receive your Welcome Package over email which will include some self-assessment tools and resources for our work together. And then we dig into getting you the results you want: for yourself, your team, and our world.