You are here to be extraordinary.

You’re in the right place if you are:

A change-maker.

You get things done, and you are — or aspire to be — a force for equality. You know you have gifts that will impact the world. You have a strong drive to take strategic action and make a lasting impact during your lifetime. You are here to mean, speak, and do well.


You believe in and practice vulnerability, and you aspire to be your full, authentic self. And you support and lead and teach others to do the same.

Sensing there is even more for you and those around you.

You love who you are right now and you feel there’s more you can be, do, create and you’re thirsty to make it happen. You want to unleash your gifts and strengths.

Ready for a work out.

You are ready and wanting to be challenged, and you know that external transformation comes from internal transformation. You want to dive into deep, bold inner work that will change your life, your work, and those around you.

Inspirational and influential.

People naturally gravitate toward you as friend and leader. You inspire those around you, and you influence their ability to expand their own impact. You create and fuel other leaders.


You have a big mission for yourself and the world, and you value understanding purpose before process.

A courageous risk taker.

You’re not afraid to fail and you back that belief up with practice. You know that living on your edge in that uncomfortable space yields the most profound results, for yourself and for others. Justice work is rarely comfortable and safe, and you’re good with that. Your way of being inspires and compels others to pursue uncharted internal and external territory, even — and especially — in the face of fear and uncertainty.